The unique beauties of the
Prince Islands are under your feet with different fish species and menus..

How to Come?

Beach Road No.:130 Idealtepe / Maltepe - ISTANBUL
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Our menu is prepared with the recommendations of our esteemed guests.

Reviews of Our Guests

What Did They Say?

Everything is very tasty and fresh, especially the sea bass and cutlets. It’s definitely a place to visit. The employees are very interested.

Resul Sonbay

The best address to eat a fresh fish. All the flavors are very successful, and I also loved the appetizer. A very spacious and beautiful place. There is no place that smells suffocating. The smells do not bother you, it draws attention to the fact that you have more life. Personal and friendly service.

Sezin Yunay

Hot appetizers and fish with salt were amazing, the interest of the waiters is admirable, their constant effort to take care of the table left us satisfied, thank you

Mehmet Nesim Sezer

The speed of service and the interest of the employees are at the highest level. A very tasty and rich presentation. I would like to thank the owner of the place and all the friends who served. The place to be regular.

Murat Tolga Tuyel

I think it’s the only place that hasn’t spoiled itself for years in seafood, scenery, staff, interest, taste.. Hot appetizers are very good.. Thank you

Hasan Bülbül

Poyraz Balik is by far the best restaurant on the Anatolian side where you can make raki fish. We’ve been coming here for years, I highly recommend the temps, it has a flavor that you can’t find anywhere else. We would like to thank especially Bayram Bey and Aydın Chef for their interest, interest and pleasant conversations. I recommend it to those who want to spend a decent, calm and enjoyable evening with friends.

Zeynep Demirkılıç

The restaurant right next to the Idealtepe Marmaray Station. The service quality is good, the appetizers are delicious, the atmosphere is pleasant; As for prices, it is impossible for us to comment on what is expensive and what is affordable due to the situation in our country, since it has become very confusing. It is a pleasant place where you can have a pleasant evening meal after work, without getting your car, without getting involved in the traffic and parking chaos, and without the fear of getting stuck in the car afterwards; Even if you go with your car, it is possible to go with your car without stress, since there is a large car park in front, it is recommended.

Emre Anduv

“ Appetizer octopus, grilled octopus, grilled calamari, sea bass with sauce, grilled mushrooms, Cretan paste etc… All appetizers are above average and scrumptious. The fish are big and fresh. Grilled fish has a lot of “grilled” flavor, it’s very well cooked and delicious. You can go without a second thought. ”

Atakan Köyçü

“It is a place we like as a place we go as a family, you can have a pleasant time with its clean and delicious food and wonderful appetizers. Also, we thank you very much for the smiling faces of the employees, especially for Aydın Bey’s interest ”

Nilgün Türkün

“I have always left Poyraz Balik with pleasure, thanks to its rich menu, customer-friendly team and superior service understanding, which I have left happy every time I went with my family and friends for years. Thanks to the whole team. ”

Lütfü Dinçey

Address of Quality and Peace

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